Hula Hoop Washing Machine washes your dirty laundry, helps you stay fit and much more

With the everyday advancements in the world of technology designer Sang-soon Lee has come up with completely unique design “Hula Hoop” to wash your clothes. As the name gives idea Hula Hoop washing machine doesn’t need power supply to operate.

It makes the washing process entirely different as one have to put your dirty laundry in your hula hoop with water and required washing liquid into a small opening of the hula.

Thereafter the fun begins, now hold Hula Hoop around your waist and start spinning your hips exactly as if you are hula hooping. This process ensures that your dirty clothes are clean.

Now let’s think about the other benefits with the process involved. It keeps you stay fit, makes dual use of your time as you do some exercise while doing washing, saves money as no electricity is involved in the process and your efforts contributes in the interest of environment.

Via: Trendhunter/Electroluxdesignlab

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