IKEA Concept kitchen gives the glimpse of cooking in the future

Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_1

The Concept Kitchen 2025 is a futuristic kitchen by IKEA, which is developed in collaboration with the students of the School of Industrial Design Center at Lund University and the Industrial Design Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology.

The centre of attraction of this concept kitchen is a feature called “table for living.” There is camera called “smart light” which makes note of the ingredients the user intends to use for cooking. Observing the ingredients, the smart light will project several recipes on the table and show different combinations to cook a savory meal. The tabletop changes into a burner for cooking. There are specific areas on the table, which would keep your food warm or cold, as opted. Interestingly, the user can charge his mobile gadgets by placing them on the surface of the table.

Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_10

The Concept Kitchen 2025 will have more of open shelves, so that the food items are visible to the user and he/she could pick things easily. Preferred foodstuff or rather healthy food could be placed right at the front to suggest choosing them first. The waste management system ensures the organic waste is converted into compost. The kitchen is smart enough to segregate different types of non-organic materials and dispose them accordingly.

The sink in the kitchen has a unique “grey water” system. The sink has two drains and water can be flushed out to the sewage pipe or be collected for tasks like washing the floor or watering plants.

The team worked together for 18 months on the Concept Kitchen imagining how people would eat, store, cook food after a decade from now. The Concept Kitchen 2025 will feature in Milan at the IKEA Temporary.

Concepts like these make us think of a lot more possibilities, as you can monitor and initiate various features from the internet. Smart technologies are approaching us to make our life more comfortable.

Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_2

Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_3 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_4 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_5 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_6 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_7 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_8 Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_9

Concept Kitchen 2025 by IKEA_11

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