InterShelter dome bridges the design gap between nomadic tents and permanent houses

InterShelter dome_2

Is it a colorized igloo? Is it a monolithic dome? Nope, ladies and gentlemen – the bantam yet affable construction is officially known as InterShelter, and is touted to be a ‘revolutionary portable shelter’ that bridges the expansive gap between a flimsy tent and a conventional dwelling.

Crafted from what is branded as aerospace composite material with high-tech credentials, the InterShelters are specifically built to counter extremes of weather conditions. And it does remind us of our previously covered Mavericks outdoor habitation solution, with the product’s billed capacity to counter even hurricanes.

Of course, everything feature doesn’t have to be tailored for emergency situations. In term of practical usage, the InterShelter domes boast of high insulation that keeps both the warm and cold air out of the habitation zone, while effectively shielding against dampness and mildew. More importantly, the fire-resistant design is also portable in nature – which allows the user to easily disassemble the parts and conveniently carry them via the camping vehicle.

Lastly, in commercial terms, each durable InterShelter dome with 20 ft diameter will set you back by $12,500, while the 14 diameter model will cost around $7,500 (all products coming with a life expectancy of more than 30 years). Additionally, the creator company also offers a special P2000 Insulation Kit and a Ground Floor Systems (for flooring) for a total of further $5,000.

InterShelter dome_3 InterShelter dome_4 InterShelter dome_5 InterShelter dome_6

For more buying details and shipping info, please refer to the purchase page of the company’s home site.

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