Iro is arguably the most intelligent of all ‘smart’ sprinkler systems

Iro Smart Home Sprinkler System Controller_1

With the modern technological capability to even cook our meals on a remote basis, it really doesn’t come as a surprise that our garden sprinkler systems can be controlled via our smartphones from anywhere in the world. But is this wireless ability enough to label the device as ‘smart’? Fortunately, Rachio, a Denver-based startup has satisfyingly sated our quandary with their Iro – a sprinkler system that boasts of some really intelligent features that go beyond remote-controlling.

At the first instance, Iro showcases the ubiquitous attributes one would expect from the legion of ‘smart’ devices available in the market, including its easy installation credential and the convenient capacity to be controlled from your smartphone (which also includes scheduling and automatic functioning).

But where the Iro really stands out from its peers is in the product’s integration of an internet-connected control unit/brain. This allows the intelligent device to gauge various outdoor factors, including the weather conditions, the temperature, the wind speeds and even the magnitude of rainfall over a period. These factors are processed and as a result the schedule is adjusted to dispense the optimized amount of water at the optimized time.

And, since we brought up the usage of water, the Iro also exhibits its efficiency via its built-in geological evaluation capacity. This in turn allows the intelligent device to determine the type of soil your garden possesses, and accordingly program the watering schedule. The scope in practical circumstances is touted to conserve water, with even tracking and analytics that reports on your month-to-month saving of water.

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As for commercial terms, the Iro has already made its retail debut across a thousand Home Depot stores. You can also order it online, with a price of $249.

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