Jake Neck Pillow stretches to keep your neck cozy and comfortable

Jake Neck Pillow_1

Previously, we have dealt with both Adventure Time and innovative neck pillows. But what about combining the two for a nifty Adventure Time-themed neck pillow? Well, the Jake Neck Pillow fulfills this groovy quotient with his famous Stretchy Powers.

Designed by artist Felicia Rose, the seemingly flexible neck pillow is completely handmade with soft fleece stuffing draped in felt and finished with embroidery. And even beyond its snug attributes, the stretchable quality of the contrivance is perfectly in sync with the ‘elastic’ cartoon character it is replicating.

Of course, Jake the magical dog is also known for his fighting zeal, shape-shifting ability and acute sense of smell. Unfortunately, the Jake Neck Pillow won’t give you these advantages; but what it will offer relates to companionship and coziness when your neck requires it the most (yes, we are talking about those dastardly long distance flights for business purposes!).

You can actually buy your own Jake Neck Pillow at the Etsy shop ComfortbyFeliciaRose, with a retail price of $35.

Jake Neck Pillow_2

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