Redditor-made EPROM Coffee Table endows a futuristic vibe to the room

EPROM Computer Chip Infinity Coffee Table_1

For the uninitiated, EPROM is a non-volatile memory chip that has the capacity to retain its data even when the power supply is turned off. However, the stored memory can be erased when exposed to UV rays. Of course, these are all technical aspects that don’t really hold up when one is considering building a mocked-up version of an EPROM. Well, DIYer (and Redditor) DarrenDK has done exactly that – but his incredible mock version has resulted in a gargantuan EPROM chip that doubles up as a futuristic coffee table.

The scaled up contrivance is crafted (after 2 years of hard work) from sturdy laminated plywood frameworks that sort of account for the facades and the support legs of the furniture. In other words, the EPROM Coffee Table is hollow in its embodiment, light-weight in nature, and yet maintains a sense of structural integrity.

The ‘jewel’ in the crown of this nifty DIY plywood setup is the top-faced infinity mirror that takes the place of a conventional fused quartz window. And, on closer inspection, the pins on the side may not feature an authentic number (from the perspective of real EPROMs), the overall details are surely worth in terms of aesthetic glory.

EPROM Computer Chip Infinity Coffee Table_2 EPROM Computer Chip Infinity Coffee Table_3

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