Keplero an outdoor lamp is both sitting and lighting duo

Keplero lamp by Enzo Berti_1

Keplero, a nifty outdoor lamp with a geometrical set up is nicely made of a combination of materials like iron and plexi-glass, which is further treated with thermo ash.

Designed with split-level wooden panels intersecting a central pillar, this lamp also solves your sitting woes by doubling up as both as a lamp and a seat.

Now, whether you want to party on your lawn on occasions like Christmas or just want to have those deep late night conversations in the outdoors, this stylish lamp will always make a convenient companion.

As for Keplero lamp’s designer Enzo Berti, he was born in 1950, in the beautiful city of Venice and has since come up with many such unique and useful designs that bear the Italian artistic trademark.

Keplero lamp by Enzo Berti_2 Keplero lamp by Enzo Berti_3

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