Kohler’s Moxie shower head doubles up as a detachable Bluetooth speaker

Kohler’s Moxie shower


Kohler’s Moxie shower

According to Kohler’s startling statistical numbers, more than 38 percent of American adults use smartphones, and a whopping 75 percent of them also tend to use them in their bathrooms. Given this mass fixation with going wireless, a commercial solution does entail easy connectivity even in our very private bathroom spaces. And, that is exactly what Kohler has achieved with their Moxie, a detachable Bluetooth speaker which can be fixed to your ever trusty shower head.

The company touts Moxie as the first of its kind that fuses the technology of offering both music and water at the same time. So, basically it offers you the long held dream of humming to your favorite tunes while bathing, by actually listening to them playing in real time. The device in itself is safely ‘fixed’ to the middle of the shower head by means of a magnet. And, as far as the wireless connectivity goes, Moxie’s audio credentials can be easily controlled through a paired Bluetooth-enabled device like a smartphone, MP3 player or even a laptop (that is, if your bathroom space allows it).

Other features include an on/off button, inconspicuously placed into the speaker’s capsule. This comes with a light that indicates correct pairing via Bluetooth, along with the battery charge. And, since we are talking about batteries, Moxie will have a lithium battery (rechargeable through USB cord) with a capacity for approximately seven hours of playing time. Finally, coming to its pricing, the whole device will set you back by around $200.

Via: Engadget

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