Kolarbyn Ecolodge eschews electricity and showers in favor of ‘pure natural’ experience

ecolodge in sweden

While it doesn’t quite attain the heights of a comfortable Hobbit Hole, the Kolarbyn Ecolodge might just be the befitting secluded solution for a weekend getaway from your hectic rat-race lifestyle. Snugly nestled in Sweden’s Berslagen Forest, the notion behind the solitary construction is to ‘go back to basics’ in terms of enjoying nature.

In this regard, the Kolarbyn Ecolodge is sometimes aptly labelled as Sweden’s most primitive hotel. The accommodation shrugs off any sense of pretension, by totally eschewing electricity and even showers. Of course, the less trodden path has its own degree of charm with undisturbed yet sheltered landscapes and a credible opportunity to see wild habitats of various forest animals (like the occasionally trespassing moose and beavers).

As for overall shelter’s arrangement, the Kolarbyn Ecolodge comprises of 12 huts with their own fireplaces, a small storage shed and two tiny toilet sheds. The food can be prepared over open fire, with the ingredients and commodities taken from the well-stocked storage area; while the wood fuel for the fireplaces have to be chopped by the guests themselves.

Finally coming to the scope of sleeping soundly, each hut also boasts of two wooden beds with no ‘soft’ mattresses. The lodge expects you to adopt the ole way of Swedish loggers, with the provision of just some insulated mats and original sheep skin rugs. So, in a nutshell – austerity at its best!

Price rate per night – 465 SEK (around $75) for adults. There are also a variety of other packages you can avail from wildsweden.

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