10 astounding real-life Hobbit Homes

The great J.R.R. Tolkien mentioned that most established hobbits of the Shire (like Bilbo Baggins) liked to stay in ‘Smials’, the amply furnished holes strategically borrowed into hillsides, downs and even small banks. Interestingly, the same scope of bountiful resources, of course along with advanced tech, has led to many fans, aficionados and even commercial institutions to envision their adaptations of the Hobbit Homes/Holes in the real world. So, without further ado, let us check out ten such amazing Hobbit Homes that are also habitable in real-time.

1) Simon Dale’s off-grid Hobbit House –

Simon Dale’s off-grid Hobbit House_1

The snugly built Hobbit Home in Wales was ingeniously constructed from locally available materials salvaged from the area’s woodlands. A veritable lesson in resourcefulness, the painstaking architectural endeavor was undertaken by one Simon Dale and his father-in-law, and too for a paltry budget of less than $5,000.

2) William Morgan’s Dune House –

Simon Dale’s off-grid Hobbit House_2

An almost contemporary take on the classic Hobbit Home, the so-called Dune House in Atlanta Beach was actually built back in 1975. And, as with ‘true’ Smials, the entire house was built into a section of an elevated land-form (in this case, a sand dune). Anyhow, awesomeness doesn’t come cheap; the classy building will set you back by $1.4 million!

3) Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse –

Earth House Estate Lättenstrasse_3

Envisaged as a whole estate nestled in the already picturesque locale of Switzerland, the Earth House Estate by Vetsch Architektur comprises of an array of nine houses. All of these housing units surround a centrally located lake, while the site arrangement also hides a parking area underneath all the sylvan greenery.

4) Peter Archer designed ‘authentic’ Hobbit House –

Peter Archer designed ‘authentic’ Hobbit House_4

Posing as a stone cottage on the paradisiacal side of Pennsylvania, the apt location and deft landscaping of the Peter Archer-designed Hobbit House really notches up on the Shire-esque scale. In fact, this 600 sq ft beauty was directly inspired from Tolkien’s own sketches, as opposed to the visual forms we are accustomed to from Peter Jackson’s adaptations.

5) Malator by Future Systems –

Malator by Future Systems_5

Locally also known as the Teletubby House, the Malator situated in Pembrokeshire, Wales was built by the Future Systems architectural firm in 1996. The inconspicuous construction was originally refurbished from an old military barrack, with the use of modern materials like glass, concrete, timber, and stainless steel.

6) Bolton Eco House –

Bolton Eco House_6

The Bolton Eco House may seem to be a futuristic take on Smials, but the truth is – the ‘below ground’ credential of the residence upholds its exclusive status as the first zero carbon property on North-Western part of England. Contrived by Make Architects, the eco friendly house is constructed from local materials, and further boasts of geothermal heat pump, solar panels and even its own wind turbine system.

7) Hobbit Playhouses –

Hobbit Playhouses_7

Now, most of us do not possess the resources or monetary capacity to indulge full time in the rustic pleasures of Middle Earth. Well, worry not; Maine-based studio Wooden Wonders has introduced its wondrous versions of handcrafted Hobbit Playhouses that start from the range of $750. The best part is – their interiors can be customized to suit the preference and needs of your little ‘Hobbit’.

8) Adorable Hobbit House –

Adorable Hobbit House_8

Unfortunately, we do not have much info regarding the construction or even location of this charming specimen of a Hobbit Home. All, we can say is – the designer had surely made a thorough study of the original Tolkien descriptions of regular Hobbit Holes. In this regard, the enticingly ‘purist’ features relate to the circular red door and accompanying small windows on two sides.

9) The Hobbit Motel –

The Hobbit Motel_9

Situated in Woodlyn Park, New Zealand, the name aptly describes the visual design of the motel. As for its accommodation credentials, the self-contained establishment has its kitchens and own shower-toilet facilities, while each of its polystyrene-shielded Hobbit blocks can hold up to 6 people. If interested, you can book an entire block with a starting range of NZ$285 (around US$240) per night.

10) Mount Hartman Bay Estate –

Mount Hartman Bay Estate_10

More like a network of Smials (like the ‘Brandy Hall‘) than just a Hobbit Hole, the Mount Hartman Bay Estate in Grenada has already made its name amid the luxury accommodations of the Caribbean. Cradled in a scenic setting along the hillside of the namesake Mt. Hartman Bay, the grandiosely bucolic exteriors are equally complemented by the antique decor of the interiors. Of course, the furnishings do allude more to the Grenadian heritage than the ironic familiarity of Middle Earth.

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