Koolernaut beer cooler fuses digital tech with improved insulation

Koolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller_1

Over the past few months , we have come across quite a few incredible beer cooler products, with some boasting zero-electricity credentials and some posing as our planters! The above pictured Koolernaut seemingly traverses all of the ‘gimmicky’ territory to showcase its practical features. Touted as a cooling contrivance that combines digital technology with ole insulation, the contraption boasts of a built-in thermometer that exhibits real-time temperature of your favorite cooled poison.

In terms of design, the Koolernaut mainly comprises of two functional components. The first component, termed as the ‘Koolernaut digital beer insulator’, serves its purpose as its name suggests. The product is snugly covered in a thick and durable foam material that enhances the overall insulative power; while the aforementioned thermometer directly measures the chilled condition of the beverage inside.

Koolernaut Digital Beer Insulator and Chiller_2

The second, and arguably the more interesting component is what the designers bill as the ‘Koolernaut Ice Puck’. This slightly flat, cylindrical object can be affixed to the bottom part of the primary component for adjusting the temperature of your beer. How so? Well, the gizmo houses a freezable non-toxic gel that helps in adequately chilling your beverage. Furthermore, the Koolernaut has a special chart on its body that shows the optimized temperatures at which different beer varieties can be best enjoyed.

As for the commercial side of affairs, the Koolernaut has already successfully met its Kickstarter goal, with 18 days still to spare. Pledges start from $20 (for both the components), and range till $150.

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