Richard Clarkson’s Cloud Lamp: A ceiling light that mimics thunderstorms!

Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson

Is it a thunderstorm? Is it a lamp? No, it is a thunderstorm lamp! A fascinating contrivance from designer Richard Clarkson, the aptly and rather unpretentiously christened Cloud Lamp is envisaged as an interactive light that mimics thunderstorms through both its visual and audio effects.

So how does the wondrous scope work? Well, the ‘smart’ lamp integrates motion detecting sensors that gauge the user’s movement beneath them. In other words, the physical motion of the user is translated to the mini-thunderous show exhibited by the lighting fixture. This ambit can also be customized via remote control and other color changing lights.

Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson_1

Furthermore, the visual scope is accompanied by incredible audio accompaniments. The sound effects are achieved courtesy of 2.1 channel output speakers that aid in the roaring ambiance. You can also opt for streaming your very own personal musical preferences via the speaker system’s Bluetooth connectivity.

However at the end of the day, awesomeness never comes cheap! To that end, an entire Cloud Lamp set will set you back by a whopping $3,360. And, for those who are a bit intimidated by the price tag, you can also opt for the LED ‘lamp only’ version (for around $965) that eschews the aesthetic add-on for a realistic sky environment.

Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson_2 Cloud Lamp by Richard Clarkson_3

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