myLamp allows you to craft your own 3D printed lamp for only $10!

Tired of paying three digit sums for those gimmicky lamps that ultimately lack in craftsmanship and quality? Then why not make your own lamp?! Well, that is the design dictum seemed to be followed by one resourceful Tyler Cunningham – a crafty designer who has come up with the idea of the 3D printed myLamp.

The notion of a self-made lighting fixture came to the DIYer, when he decided to use his 3D printer for something ‘useful’ as opposed to just novelty. The project considerations were straightforward – the final design had to be simple and of low-cost. As a result, Cunningham procured a filament, a lamp wiring kit and a LED bulb; and then started out with his lone endeavor to create a DIY 3D printed lamp shade.

The project was successful to say the least, with the entire cost of crafting coming at a paltry $10! And the crafting time for a lamp was around 12 hours, given the substantially larger volume of the minimalist white-hued shade.

Interestingly, the personal enterprise has every chance to emerge as a full fledged commercial endeavor, with the DIYer’s future plans entailing several add-ons that could rather improve the aesthetics and configuration of the myLamp. As for its current status, budding 3D printing enthusiasts can sure check out the free design data at the Thingiverse repository.

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