LadderLimb: A simple solution for suspending paint cans and tools from a ladder



Sometimes, it is the simpler contrivances that make their mark in the realm of practicality. The nifty LadderLimb is one such ‘straightforward’ design, with its convenience directly related to those unwieldy scenarios when you are precariously working atop a ladder.

With the tagline of ’empower your ladder’, the product comprises of a tapered stick with rubber coating. This rubberized end of the tapering object can be tightly fitted inside any rung hole of a ladder, while the other end is integrated with a gated carabiner. So, while you have climbed atop a ladder, you can easily hang your paint bucket, tool bag and any other container from this suspended metal loop. This in turn keeps your hands completely free for the job at hand.


Lastly, the constitution of the LadderLimb is sturdy enough to hold on to a substantial weight of 22 lbs (around 10 kg). So, yes; you can also keep your beer keg hanging beside you – for those much needed breaks during painting under the hot, sweltering sun.




Buy – $20 (for a single stick); $204 (for a pack of twelve sticks).

Via: CoolMaterial

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