Uk-based interior designer fashions beautiful staircase and loft bed from antiquated pianos

What would you expect to find in the house of an accomplished cellist, working with the Scottish Chamber Orchestra? Beautifully crafted staircase and bed fashioned out of antiquated pianos, of course. When UK-based interior designer Tim Vincent-Smith received two upright pianos and a box room design as his guide, he artfully turned them into a beguiling staircase sculpture leading to a mezzanine level bed of two.Staircase and bed made of pianos

Architects and interior designers today are becoming increasingly sensitive to customer’s personality and taste. They are finding innovative ways to flawlessly express the idiosyncratic likes and choices of the client through his/her home. So we have safari-themed home interior for the animal lovers, while the contemporary, sophisticated design style is perfect for the urbane go-getters.

In this case, the artsy home interior project has up-cycled every tiny bit of the outdated pianos to construct antique-looking stairway and elevated bed. Talking about the project on his blog Kilometer Zero Running, Vincent-Smith analogizes the process of dismembering the various parts of the pianos to the complex French art of butchery. He calls it ” nose to tail carpentry”.

According to him, reconstructing the staircase from the pieces was indeed quite enlightening. Some of the parts carried labels of the maker’s name and the date of manufacture. A faded note inside one of the pianos revealed that it was last tuned on March 11, 1904.

Now coming to its uniquely arresting piano-themed design, the recycled stairway has been cleverly carved in the shape of a high-heeled shoe. The inverted reflection of the stairs in a strategically placed curved wood-framed mirror gives the impression of another shoe, thus forming a pair. The lofted bed at the other end seems to be floating atop the staircase.

What stands out about this somewhat unusual re-purposed furniture project is not just its creative and alluring design, but also the fact that it makes efficient reuse of dilapidated piano parts.

For more information, visit Tim Vincent-Smith’s website.

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