L’Uritonnoir an eco-friendly outdoor urinal by design studio Faltazi!

Time and again designers have come up with some cool designs of outdoor urinal. This time it is Les Ekovores, (part of French design studio Faltazi), introducing us to L’Uritonnoir an eco friendly outdoor urinal.L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_1

Easy to set up as one just needs to push L’Uritonnoir into the side of a straw bale and fix it in a place by looping a strap through its top holes. Bale’s role is to collect liquid, nitrogen that comes from urine and combine it with carbon in the straw and further starts a process of decomposition.

After using bale, it can be taken to a local composting facility or can even be left on same spot to become compost for 6 to 12 months. It is best suitable to configure at festival celebrations or if you are an open-air festival organizer.

L’Uritonnoir come in two versions – the “flat-pack polypropylene DIY model” and the other one is “stainless steel Deluxe model.”

So far production hasn’t started yet and it is planned to be start in the month of June and Uritonnoir will be showcased at French heavy metal festival Hellfest in the same month.

L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_2

L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_3 L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_4 L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_5 L'Uritonnoir urinal by Faltazi_6

Via: Dezeen

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