Man lives in a half buried 8 ft wide house by just paying $100 per year

$100 per year Dan Price's hobbit hole_1

Dan Price’s humble abode has been heralded as the ‘hobbit hole’ house by the media. Now this sensational categorization might be a bit misleading, especially because hobbit holes were described by Tolkien to be very comfortable and spacious, as opposed to the frugal 8 ft wide credentials of Price’s home. Nevertheless, beyond just lazy labeling, the bantam shelter of Dan Price is a curious case study of many Americans who prefer to opt for alternate modes of low cost living.

Described as being half-buried on a hillside overlooking a horse pasture, the modest residence is located in the town of Joseph, Oregon. The property was leased by Price for a remarkably low price of $100 per year. And, quite aptly, the semi-subterranean shelter is not just another gimmick, it has been Price’s ‘real home’ for the last 10 years.

The reasons for such low impact living options are however not just borne out of conscientious considerations. In case of Dan Price, he decided to pursue an alternative ‘poor’ lifestyle after growing tired of the rat-race and daily stress that leads on to the much touted American dream.

In this regard, his petite abode does come in pretty handy by totally eschewing those mortgages and energy costs; a perfect accompaniment to his $5,000 an year income.

$100 per year Dan Price's hobbit hole_8

Via: NBCNews

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