Martin Azua’s Simplex sink comes with easy portable features

simplex sink martin azua

We have harped about portable furniture items and we have reiterated about portable home accessories. But how about a portable sink that caters to different scenarios? Well, designer Martin Azua has contrived exactly that, with his ‘Simplex’ sink and mirror. A rotation molded sink crafted from polypropylene, the whole conception comes with a hose (modified into a tap) that can be used for various situations.

For example, the portable sink can be fixed in your garage for that much needed water for washing your car (the water actually being supplied by the hose pipe). On the other hand, the mobile sink can also be easily installed in your basement laundry room for soaking purposes.

Additionally, the Simplex comes with a portable mirror. In this regard, the portable conception can be appropriately used in more ‘conventional’ scenarios, like in your personal bathrooms.

Via: MartinAzua

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