Christopher Kennedy’s ‘Franklin’ credenza exhibits retro-vibrancy

Looking like Andy Warhol’s credenza (a central cupboard flanked by cabinets) from the swinging sixties, this furniture conception surely notches up on the vibrancy level. Hand crafted by designer Christopher Kennedy, the entire ‘Franklin’ credenza is draped in the vivacious lime green hue, high reminiscent of retro pop art. However, beyond the color composition, it is the elaborate ‘modernist’ craftsmanship exhibited by the front facade that really holds our fancy.Franklin Credenza by Christopher Kennedy

This facade showcases a symmetrical arrangement of squares and linear shapes, which alludes to the state of a physical puzzle. In this regard, the flanking cabinets do open up in a ‘mysterious’ way to reveal six separate drawers for keeping your household items.

Finally, coming to its structural attributes, the retro Franklin credenza has been crafted from sturdy vintage walnut. The exterior paint job can be selected by the user from twelve custom lacquer colors, which includes primary ones like including white and green.

Franklin Credenza by Christopher Kennedy_1

Via: Deringhall

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