Mathew Borrett’s Room Series – The surreal side to spatial arrangements

surreal room drawings

Artistic impressions of architectural setups have always impressed us on the level of style, flair and vibrancy. However this time around, artist Mathew Borrett had added a touch of surrealism to the spatial essence, and the end result is the hypnagogic arrangement of the so-called ‘Room Series’.

The Room Series was drawn back in the year 2003, but the fascinating sketches are now available online for a wider audience. The specimens (that are also a part of the art book – Mathew Borrett Collected Drawings 2002-2012) cover many dream-like sequences – with one depicting a foundation suspended in mid air, and another one portraying a castle-esque construction perched precariously atop a flimsy structure.

As we mentioned before, the sketch aficionados and surrealism enthusiasts can make their online purchase of the prints from the Fine Art America page (artist’s profile). And, the good part is – these prints are available in various components, ranging from canvas, framed to acrylic and even metal.

Via: LaughingSquid

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