SweetC furniture collection showcases its duality of elegance and boldness

ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena_1

Audacity and elegance, emotion and calmness, vibrancy and tranquility – the duality of styles and scopes make their presence felt in the SweetC, a fascinating furniture collection from ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena. Comprising of a chair, armchair and wing chair; the entire line bridges the crucial gap between personal comfort and contemporary design.

The aesthetic essence of the SweetC pertains to this aforementioned duality with no pretension of the design path. For example – the curves and the accentuated lines allude to the boldness factor; while at the same time, the proportions and the appropriate volumes hint at subtle elegance.

Similarly on the structural level, the duality is exhibited by the crafting nature of the collection. Entirely assembled by hand, the base of the items are made from solid beech components, while the complex plywood parts are actually cut by water jet mechanisms.

Of course, beyond visual and physical credentials – there is comfort to consider, and that is where the SweetC collection really shines with its highly resilient polyurethane foam padding and fabrics and microfibers upholstery.

So, at the end of the day, it is not only about a vivacious cocoon that would make for a flourishing decor in your living room; it is also about the snugness that forms an integral part of this cocoon.

ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena_2 ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena_3

ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena_4 ASTULA designed by Vincent Cadena_5

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