Matti Klenell’s Panda armchair combines uniqueness with comfort

The contemporary trend of armchair designs do conform to a variety of forms ranging from the ‘avant garde’ to the cute. Following on the heels of such innovative design considerations, we have the ‘Panda’ armchair by Matti Klenell (for Källemo) that affably combines both novelty and cuteness.Panda armchair by Matti Klenell

In this regard, the very first thing that strikes us about the chair is the huge volume of the cushion in comparison to the minimal wooden structure of the leg supports and the backrest. This bulky pad is shaped like a plump teddy-bear (except a head) with two big yet fluffy ‘hands’ posing as the arm-rests.

However, the design scope doesn’t stop with the modernist structure being visually complemented by a gargantuan pillow-like pad. The soft backrest, the spacious seating area and the comfortable angle all allude to those cozy, nap-driven afternoons; thus making the Panda chair a wonderful addition to both your living room and bedrooms.

Via: InteriorNews

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