Meld smart stove knob adjusts your burner automatically for perfect cooking


This innovation is going to help you cook your food accurately, every time! The Meld system consists of two devices. The Meld Knob and the Clip, the knob is attached to your cooking range which will wirelessly communicate to a temperature sensor attached to the utensil on the range. The duo will monitor the temperature of what you are cooking and automatically adjust the cooking range for the set temperature. You don’t need to buy new cookware or a cooking range; they will work with the existing ones.

Your existing cook top knob will be replaced by Meld Knob which will automatically turn the burner up or down. The Meld knob will make these adjustments as per the temperature readings it receives from the Meld Clip.

You need to attach the Meld Clip to the cookware on the cooktop to know the temperature of the dish you are cooking. It will in turn send readings wirelessly to the Meld Knob attached to the cooking range, which will adjust the heat of the range.

An App will be available for iOS and Android, which will monitor and control the Meld Knob and Clip. The app will allow you to control the knob manually. You are at liberty to set the knob at a particular temperature instead of high or low setting.

This Smart Kitchen tool will eliminate the guess work and there would be no confusion about high or low settings. This system was developed by Jon Jenkins and Darren Vengroff. This knob and the clip is a Bluetooth smart thermometer paired with smart phone powered knob. After installing and pairing the duo work in perfect harmony to deliver precise cooking.

The inventors have kept in mind the safety as well, as you need to turn on the stove manually. This can prevent accidents from happening, while you are busy doing something else.

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Via: Fastcompany

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