Millennium Falcon chopping board – The nifty sci-fi side to your kitchen

Millennium Falcon Cutting Board

If Lightsaber Toothbrushes are too juvenile for your evolved tastes; why not opt for something that is more credible…nay boisterous?! Yes, boisterous as in the bad-ass Millennium Falcon!

Well, the above pictured Millennium Falcon chopping board might just sate your grand-level geeky craving, with its unobtrusive graphical print that replicates Han Solo’s famous smuggling light freighter.

So, if you want to ‘go to the thematic side’ for the upcoming science fiction saga of Stars Wars: Episode VII, you can pre-order one of these kitchen accessories from Big Bad Toy Store, for a price of $35.

The product will be available from August, with the retailers verifying the packaging condition to be 80% mint (C8) or better.

Via: ThatsNerdalicious

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