Moonlight Cushion: A simple yet vibrant mood-lighting solution

Acid Trip Pillow_1

There are some pillows that tell stories to your children, and there are some pillows that predict weather for your office hours. But this time around, we have stumbled across a nifty pillow with a more intrinsic function – the kaleidoscopic Moonlight Cushion brings forth the advantage of simple illumination.

Crafted from ultra-soft plush fur, the definitive design element of the Moonlight Cushion is its internally tucked-away array of LEDs. Showcasing its flair for vibrancy with variant alternating hues, the entire lighting component is housed snugly within the zipped-up cushion, and is powered by a battery pack. All one needs to do is gently tap the central portion of the pillow to activate or deactivate the LEDs – which eschews the need for directly controlling the battery pack.

As for its purpose, the Moonlight Cushion is envisioned as a sort of a mood-lighting mechanism that just about solves your lighting woes. In that regard, you can use it as a soft accent light that expedites the profile of your newly bought furniture. You can also use it as a ‘beacon’ of reassurance when your child is having trouble in sleeping alone. In simpler terms – the pillow pertains to supplementary illumination, as opposed to a dedicated lighting fixture, like a lamp.

Acid Trip Pillow_2 Acid Trip Pillow_3 Acid Trip Pillow_4

Dimensions – 13 x 5 x 13 (in inches)

Buy (from CoolGadgetsForLess) – $26.

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