Muki coffee mug generates new images with the ‘power’ of hot beverage

Muki coffee mug_1

Our tryst with innovative coffee mugs isn’t over by a long stretch. The resourceful folks from the Finnish companies of Paulig and TBWA\Helsinki have collaborated to create the Muki, a coffee mug that exhibits a new image every time you fill it with hot beverage.

The mystery behind this magical interactivity lies in the built-in e-Ink display that is directly (and self-sufficiently) powered by the heat from the hot liquid inside the mug. And, the really good part is – you can choose your preferred image with the help of a smartphone connected to Bluetooth, or utilize Muki’s very own dedicated app. These images can also be uploaded online, in the realms of social media.

As for the self-sufficient working scope of the Muki coffee mug, the heat generated by the beverage fuels a thermo-electric generator at the bottom of the contraption. This generator chip in turn juices up the display for showing various photos and quotes. In other words, the system entirely eschews the need for external power mechanisms, like batteries.

Unfortunately, we have to wait for an year for the final product to make its commercial debut (at least in Finland). However, you can still apply as a beta tester at the product page.

Muki coffee mug_2

Via: Mashable

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