Thankfully, the Iron Throne bean bag is very comfortable!

Iron Throne Bean Bag_1

As explicitly mentioned in ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ (yes; that is the name of the book), the Iron Throne is particularly uncomfortable with the entire imposing frame being made from a thousand blades surrendered by the enemies of the Targaryen empire. So, it is all about the symbolic wielding of power. But what if you want both power and comfort? Well, then you should try out the DIY project of the groovy Iron Throne Bean Bag!

Brought to us by some ingenious DIYers from Nerd by Night blog, the endeavor does require your time, dedication and a very good sewing machine. As for the materials needed for the project, one would need – grey canvas for the ‘melted sword’ hue; silver, golden, and black acrylic paint for the various small details (like the sword hilts); an ample quantity of beans for the bean bag stuffing; and finally foams for the projecting blades.

Iron Throne Bean Bag_2

So, if you are interested in impressing the love of your life with a grandiose handmade gift, do take a gander at the comprehensive step-by-step instructions provided at Nerd by Night.

Via: ForeverGeek

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