DIYers create a $50 working roller coaster in their backyard

DIY $50 Backyard Rollercoaster_1

We harped about geodesic domes made from twigs, we have prattled about treehouse elevators powered by bikes. And this time around, we humbly raise our invincible hats to this ‘mother of all’ DIY projects.

As the historical annals of human kind would record it – three people have successfully constructed a roller coaster in their backyard, and that too by spending under $50 for the materials.

Crafted from an assortment of supposedly mundane items, like disused forklift pallets, a folding seat salvaged from an old arena, some caster wheels and timber components bought from Home Depot, the end result is a fully working roller coaster proudly built under 9 hours, in the realm of the backyard.

Now, many of you may have already started exercising your eyebrows. Well, as far as safety is concerned, the designers started by testing a 15 lb cinder block on their herculean DIY project. And, after a while, human subjects were also gleefully rolling down the convoluted contrivance.

In fact, the ‘success’ of the DIY roller coaster has attracted the attention of many a neighborhood kid. The designers have also bedecked their imposing endeavor with various Christmas lights, thus accentuating upon the razzmatazz of the backyard extravaganza.

DIY $50 Backyard Rollercoaster_2 DIY $50 Backyard Rollercoaster_3

For more details on the cool construction project, check out Imgur.

Via: HackaDay

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