‘No More Woof’ head-set allows you to read your dog’s thoughts

No More Woof by by The Nordic Society

Yesterday, we talked about how you can spoil your canine companion with its very own ‘personal’ mini-spa. However, this time around we have come across something that pervades the posh quotient to take the nigh revolutionary route. We are of course harping about a special head-set that can read your dog’s mind!

Christened as the ‘No More Woof’ head-set, the remarkable contraption was created by a team at the Nordic Society for Invention and Discovery. The working scope entails – the measurement and tracking of basic brain waves patterns, and their translation into a vocal scope (like a woof). The advanced gauging method can comprehend simple doggy behavior, like their state of hunger or the need to go to the bathroom.

Coming to the commercial scope, the No More Woof head set will come in three separate models – The $65 Micro model for tracking two or three though patterns; the $300 Standard model for tracking four or more thought patterns; and the $1,200 Superior model for taking things to whole new level. This includes tracking your dog’s patterns over time, which can lead to complex behavioral outputs, like their evolved preference for particular food items, as opposed to just being hungry.

The designers have also made a list of applications and accessories, which are likely to be developed in the future. This mind-boggling agenda includes some interesting conceptions, like – a two-way communication node that will allow you to ‘talk’ with your pet, a specialized device that will let an injured dog control its artificial limbs, and even an uncensored head-set edition that will have the capability to comprehend your dog’s horny thoughts!

For more details on the innovative project, check out No More Woof’s home page. And for pre-ordering, follow Indiegogo’s product page.

Via: DailyCaller

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