Ouniu is a bird’s nest refurbished from an ostrich’s egg


We have harped about innovative designs mimicking natural elements and we have reiterated about intelligent designs utilizing natural components. However, the Ouniu exceeds all of them in terms of sheer novelty. How so? Because the design is a full fledged ostrich egg that also poses as a nest, thus in itself being a part of the natural eco system. Conceptualized by Spanish designer Mariona Llasat, the Ouniu as we mentioned is an ostrich egg that has completed its life cycle. Now, after the ending of this naturalistic process, the egg according to the designer can be used once again as a nest for birds. So, in essence, it is the recycling of an old item that is ‘refurbished’ for a new purpose. Now, it may seem odd, but practicality is on the side of Ouniu. An ostrich’s egg on an average has dimensions of about 15 cm x 13 cm, with a weight of about 1.4 kg. Such dimensions allow for adequate space for habitation of smaller birds inside the egg. Moreover, the eggs are composed from a hardy shell that mitigates harmful effects from the outside. So, at the end of the day, Ouniu is a quirky nest design that just might work on some levels. And, we as aficionados are still enticed by the blatant symbolism of birds laying eggs inside a bigger egg!



Via: Behance

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