Pillow Set with retro video game imagery for geeks!

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

For those who don’t know, video gaming is a serious business, and by serious we mean $50 billion serious! So, the next time you laugh at us geeks, watch your back because a significant chunk of the entertainment economy depends upon us. Now, coming down to the business at hand, we have stumbled across the ‘Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set’. Following on the heels of ‘Wreck It Ralph’, these delectable pillows pay homage to the original arcade gaming of yesteryear, made popular by the exalted Nintendo.

The plethora of images on the pillows depicting unicorns, devils and volcanoes are actually non-existent games like Unicorn’s Revenge and Lava Jump. This was of course done to traverse any issue with copyright infringements. However, any true video game enthusiast worth his salt would certainly identify with the pixelated imagery, and reminisce about beauties like Super Mario and Donkey Kong.

Now, even beyond the vibrant visuals, the compactness of the polyester woven pillows can come in handy for various positions of video gaming. For example, one could use the pillows on the couch to recline against them after a grueling session of killing monsters. One can even use it as a seat, so as to cushion his precious butt from those dastardly rough carpets. And, as for pricing, the tag reads just $34.99.

Dimensions: 14″ x 12″ x 3.5″ each

Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set Retro Video Game Cartridge Pillow Set

Via: ThinkGeek / Randommization

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