Stars Wars themed lofted bed remarkably mimics an AT-AT walker


If there is one franchise that has been emulated in the myriad of remarkable conceptions, mods and designs across the world (or universe for that matter), it must be Star Wars. So, in that respect, another Stars Wars oriented contrivance may not hold on to the same insane level of novelty. However, the above pictured furniture item has eschewed any pretense of cuteness by going the gargantuan way. In this regard, it is a grandiose lofted bed styled in the shape of the great imperial AT-AT walkers we first saw in the ‘The Empire Strikes Back’.

The very first thing that strikes us about the bed in the insane amount of details painstakingly endowed on it. We also see the perfect alignment and scaling of the ‘robotic’ components like the quadrupedal legs and the big, boisterous head. But the best part about the conception is how the designer has efficiently (and practically) managed to insert the bed component inside the large belly of the mechanical monster. Of course, lore dictates that the position of honor belongs to the pilot inside the head. But, there is also glory to be had as one of the clone soldiers of the evil Darth Sidious!

Via: ObviousWinner

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