Rich Olson’s ‘special’ alarm clock shreds your money!

If somebody came up with a list of electronic items you hate most, alarm clocks would surely emerge as the first ranked contraption (with your toaster coming a close second). And, now as if alarm clocks weren’t reviled enough, a guy named Rich Olson has concocted one special contrivance that shreds your money! Yes, you have read that right; the heartless, son of a ‘machine’ b*tch destroys your hard earned money!DIY Money Shredding Alarm Clock

Now, before you start sharpening your stakes for the inventor, this device is supposedly a discipline inducing mechanism. Beyond fancy words, it is up to you to keep your money note in the upper recess of the alarm clock. However, once the clock starts ringing and you don’t wake up within ten seconds, the device unsympathetically starts to shred your dollar note.

Coming down to its working scope, this pitiless DIY conception utilizes a SparkFun ClockIt mechanism along with a USB powered shredder. Now, we do not know about the legality of this alarm clock. However, corporate ‘fat’ cats who need gravely some morning exercising might consider giving it a go.

Via: TechnaBob

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