Roll-bot – A wireless digital measuring device that can be rolled on surfaces

roll bot digital measuring device

We all know about the capriciously elastic ‘mannerisms’ of a measuring tape; sometimes it strikes you across the face for no reason, and sometimes it moves further away from you as you try to grab it. So, wouldn’t it be logical to just remove the damned tape from the device? Well, that is exactly what the Roll-bot does, by totally eschewing any kind of tape or string. Well, then how does it measure – you ask? In answer, we say – it measures digitally.

In more elaborate terms, the Roll-bot is a wireless digital measuring device that makes use of its roller wheels. So, all we have to do is roll the rubber wheels across any surface or linear path, and the device shows its corresponding reading on a small display (in both metric and American standards).

Of course, all the other factors have been kept ergonomic and user-friendly in nature, with a gripping compact handle and a reset button for infinite times of measurement. And, the best part about the whole scope – it sacrifices the fussy tape for what is touted as pinpoint accuracy!

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