Ruetemple’s transforming ‘sofa/private space’ baffles us with its modularity

ruetemple modular sofa

We have had the fortune of covering a wealth of designs from Russia ‘with love’, be it a dining system or an upcycled lampshade. But this time around, the scope is notched up to a whole new level with the sheer scale of modularity. We are of course talking about the fascinating sofa/bed from Russian architecture firm Ruetemple, designed presumably for a suburban apartment. And as we can make out from the above image set – the furniture installation can be altered and morphed into a variety of arrangements, to suit the spatial need of the inhabitants inside the apartment.

moving the modular sofa bed

Unfortunately, we do not have much info regarding the incredible interior project, except for the apt description of ‘mobile solution for recreation areas’. However, it does remind us of the similar albeit more-advanced CityHome from MIT. To that end, the sofa/bed can be assembled into various configurations, each with their own set of spatial and usability advantages (as shown in the diagram).

ruetemple modular sofa bed

And lastly, as they say – a picture is worth a thousand words. You can gleefully gawk at the photos below to comprehend and appreciate the level of thought and expertise that has gone into making the user-oriented furniture component.

Via: Core77

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