PetSafe’s smart dog door opens via radio frequency, instead of push!

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The challenge of dog lovers has always been to train the dogs to take their “nature’s call” outside the house. However, the quandary in such scenarios is that one can’t go and open the door every time his dog needs to do the deed; and hence the seemingly perfect solution – dog door. But wait – isn’t a dog door sort of a security breach into your house? Well, not any more. PetSafe has brought us the nigh unimaginable; an electronic smart dog door that only opens by detecting your dog’s collar!

Let us elaborate – every PetSafe electronic smart dog door opens when it is paired with a ‘smart key’. This so-called smart key is embedded into the dog’s collar. So, when your furry friend is in close proximity to the dog door, the access point utilizes radio frequency technology to read the unique signal of the key. As a result, it triggers the flap mechanism (that is powered by 4 D-cell batteries), and voila; the bantam door is automatically opened.

In terms of usability, the smart dog door is actually made more owner-oriented rather than pet-oriented, because you will also have the option of activating the lock mode – which as the name suggests, keeps the dog door shut at all times regardless of the smart key. Moreover, the each door setup will have the capacity to recognize five different smart keys, thus making the installation feasible for up to a whopping five pets.

As for other attributes, the contraption boasts of passive energy efficiency with the outer side of the insulated flap being covered with UV sun protection coating. But the best features according to us, is the smart dog door’s ability to cater to various sizes of pets irrespective of their individual weights (for up to 100 lbs). This certainly makes it more advantageous than those magnetic doors that at times require some real robustness on the part of your pet.

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Price – $135. For buying, please follow the product page.

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