Samsung’s POWERbot VR9000 elevates its game against the dominant Roomba

Samsung's POWERbot VR9000_1

The advantage of a Roomba still pertains to ability to be scheduled during anytime of the day – to do the automated yet aimless cleaning for you. But what if this ‘direction-less’ demeanor was substituted with some useful vacuum cleaners that could map the entire layout of your room, with the aid of its sensors and cameras? Well, Samsung’s POWERbot VR9000 brings up this advantage – which allows the robovac to autonomously chart the most efficient yet streamlined cleaning route through the house.

Guided by its extra-wide brush bar, the POWERbot VR9000 is touted to jauntily maneuver across the room, while also being able to reach out those ‘dark spots’ along the wall. However, the robotic contraption’s biggest claim to potential fame would surely relate to its robust sucking power, which is claimed to be a whopping 60-times to that of other robovacs.

Samsung's POWERbot VR9000_2

This boisterous feature is complemented by the vacuum cleaner’s aforementioned ability to map out the course of its cleaning scope (via FullView Sensor scans). In other words, it can autonomously steer clear of obstacles like furniture, toys and obtrusive corners. The VR9000 can also be regulated to revert to a location, in case of a missed spot on the floor. This is done with the help of a remote function that beams light on to the surface that the robovac has to follow.

Finally, the robot also has the intelligent capability to dock itself to a charging system if its battery is low during an ongoing cleaning session. In other words, the POWERbot VR9000 won’t run out of juice when it is on the line of duty.

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As for the commercial ambit, no price lists have been released by Samsung – though the advanced robotic vacuum cleaner is expected to make its retail debut by spring of this year.

Via: Gizmodo

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