CES 2015: The ReST bed that is smart and ready to adjust

ReST Bed smart bed_1

ReST or Responsive Surface Technology , a startup from Atlanta are claiming to have lifted the experience of sleeping in the bed, a notch higher. They have launched the ReST Bed at the CES 2015.

We are talking of a bed loaded with hi-tech features,  covered with a smart fabric and hidden sensors. It tracks your sleep patterns and collects data about your sleeping ritual while you are in a stupor.

This essential data is used to create adjustments to the bed, which promises to give you the most restful and comfortable sleep every night. It has an astounding number of air sensors at 18, which are capable of deflating and inflating according to the preference of the user. The user can set the settings to soft or firm or hard according to his preference. Once you lay on the bed, you can actually sense the inflation and deflation happening, inside the mattress.

ReST Bed smart bed_2

The whole detection and action sequence is not cumbersome, and is built on a patented technology called Adaptive Sleep Thinking. In other words the sensors are placed in the smart fabric that is capable of sensing any changes in position and dynamics, and respond to it accordingly.

There have been smart beds in the past too, but the ReST bed is sure to be in a different league, as it offers the concept of a surface that is evolving continuously. The ReSt bed comes from the house of Boditrack, a company that is known worldwide for its research and development in the field of intelligent fabrics.

The ReST bed as expected does not come cheap, a twin version is priced at $5,000 and queen size will cost $7,000, for now.

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Via: Engadget

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