Scrubba: A portable ‘bag’ washing machine that eschews both electricity and volume

Scrubba washing machine

Last week we talked about how robotic fishes can come up as a futuristic solution for cleaning our clothes. But hi-tech robots or hefty washing machines won’t come to your rescue when you are on your camping trip and badly need to wash up your dirty linen. So have designers hit the invisible wall when it comes to cleaning solution for outdoors?

Well, not exactly, as the holy grail answer might be the simple yet effective Scrubba, a lightweight bag/portable washing machine that can be carried in your backpack!

All the user needs is some soap and around 2 liters of water – and voila! You can wash several attires at one go by just pushing them into the Scrubba bag, and then rapidly shaking and rubbing it for just 30 seconds to 3 minutes. The internal compartment of the Scrubba is lined with an array of small modules that help in scouring and wiping off the accumulated dirt from your camping clothes.

Now, this vigorous motion on the part of the user may seem like a primitive ritual – but Scrubba’s inventor Ashley Newland assures us that around 3 minutes of pulsating and rubbing is equivalent to washing a comparable load inside a regular home-based washing machine. And to think, all of these washing attributes are achieved without the requirement of either electricity or space!

Buy (from product page) – $65

Via: Kens5

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