Seymourpowell’s WCDM app tailored to reduce food wastage during Christmas

waste free christmas app seymourpowell

According to a startlingly embarrassing statistical figure, an average human in a developed nation accounts for a whopping 100 kg (220 lbs) of food waste every year. And, while Christmas is a celebratory time, such unwarranted wastage scopes tend to unfortunately get protracted during the holiday season. London-based design company Seymourpowell fortuitously has a solution for such excessive ‘unthriftness’, and it entails what is termed as the Waste-Free of charge Christmas Dinner Maker or WCDM notion app.

The mobile device-based application, still in its conceptual stage, would help consumers to reduce wastage during the relatively costly Christmas meal. How so? Well, the app will offer a host of waste-management techniques through the preliminary stages of procuring the ingredients to the final stages of preparing the dishes.

This management ambit starts off with a virtual plate that would display the ingredients, their individual nutritional values, and their quantities required for the meal. The figures are automatically calculated depending on the number of visitors you have accounted for, while the user can also tweak the figures in case of the food products that are already under their possession. Then the app would order all of the required stuff from online avenues, with orders specifically demanding reusable hampers.

Finally, when you have bought all the correctly-measured ingredients, the app would guide you along a step-by-step procedure that pertains to waste-free meal. The crucial element of this feature relates to the precisely tailored timelines that could ultimately decide the taste and ‘wastelessness’ of the prepared dish. The scope of saving food however doesn’t stop there – with the WCDM app further aiding you in making use of the leftover items, like offering you advice on how to concoct spiced curry from a cold turkey piece.

So, at the end of the day, it is all about monitoring and re-configuring the available resources, for streamlining the resultant process. And in case, the attributes of the WCDM app are not enough to convince you, perhaps this slice of statistical data might do the trick (according to Seymourpowell) –

Every single 12 months in the United kingdom we waste the equivalent of two million turkeys and 74 million mince pies at Christmas, while 5 million Christmas puddings go unconsumed. The average value of a turkey Christmas dinner is £120 per family and 35 per cent of men and women admit to throwing away a lot more food at Christmas than at any other level in the 12 months.


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