Samsung 34” Ultra WQHD is sure to create a stir at its debut at CES 2015

Samsung has created a stir by releasing it’s 34” ultra-wide curved monitor, before the CES 2015. The Samsung SE790C has an amazing Ultra HD resolution of 3440 x 1440, with an aspect ratio if 21:9. With figures like these it promises transform the viewing experience to a whole new level.

The curved screen TV also boasts of a contrast ratio of 3000:1, while it can support a staggering 16.7 shades of colors. The technology behind the curved screen imitates the curve of the human eye, which enables a distortion free experience. The eyes will not be strained for sure.

The final picture differs form that of a flat screen, as it creates an illusion of 3D. In order to match the HD viewing with the sound, the Samsung TV comes fully equipped with a dual stereo of 7 watts capacity. The TV comes in a glossy black design, with a T-shape stand that looks very classy. The cinematic experience the Samsung 34” promises to offer, is sure to impress one and all.

And that’s not all, the TV is compatible with all Apple and Windows OS devices, promising to enhance the productivity and scope for multitasking. The price has been kept a secret and will only be revealed at CES 2015.

The earlier criticism for curved TV’s, that they only work when you sit right in front of them, might have been put to rest for good. The viewing angle of the Samsung SE790C, promises to offer a distortion free picture from any sitting position. The PbP feature allows the users to connect upto two devices at one time. Like a desktop and a laptop or a game console and a set top box. The PiP or the Picture in Picture on the other hand enables the user multi tasking without compromising on any content.

However, only time will tell if curved screens are here to stay or will vanish like a passing phase.

Source: Samsung

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