Shiro fungus-based stool is odd but 100-percent biodegradable

Leon-Van-der-Veken Shiro fungus stool

Shiro is a fungus-based stool made by Leon Van der Veken, a young passionate Belguim-based designer. Shiro the 100 percent biodegradable stool is final project study submitted by Veken at Howest Kortrijk. Shiro is designed with the aim to create something simple and innovative, which satisfies user needs as well as the natural surroundings.

Leon-Van-der-Veken Shiro fungus stool-1

The stool is enthused by the idea of using mushroom growth process, to create new shapes and parts. To build the top of the stool, Veken used agricultural by-products and mushroom mycelium, which combines to create a high-performance, cost-effective and sustainable material. Mycelium is natural, self-assembling glue; creating cost-competitive and environmentally responsible material that performs.

Leon-Van-der-Veken Shiro fungus stool-3

According to Veken, the challenging status-quo and thinking differently will only result in creating a meaning full product for tomorrow and Shiro stool is the perfect example of that innovative thinking. The lightweight, easy to carry stool, supports simple aesthetics and surely have the capacity to be used as an effortless product to sit and read.

Leon-Van-der-Veken Shiro fungus stool-2

Leon-Van-der-Veken Shiro fungus stool-4

Via: EspritDesign

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