Why Should You Call Professionals for Drain Cleaning?

drainage pipes

Your house wouldn’t be reliable if its plumbing system didn’t function well. This is particularly true if that malfunction happens in the drainage system.

The problems arising out of bad drainage are many. And the consequences may not be limited to the foul smell either. A raft of structural and health issues will follow. Regular drain cleaning is a common solution to this problem, but sometimes the problem is too big to be tackled by you. Calling in the professionals will then be your best option.

Reasons to Have the Professional Touch

Below are some of the reasons you’d want to hire professional drain cleaning services:

The Problem Is Too Complex

DIY drain cleaning works when the problem is minor and doesn’t extend beyond the shower or sink drain. However, if the main drain pipe is clogged and the wastewater is flowing back through the sink, toilet or bathtub drains, it comes under a professional drain cleaner’s purview. 

For solving the problem, you must understand it first, and you’re unlikely to have the equipment to do the necessary inspection. Besides, you might end up making the problem worse if you’re unfamiliar with what you’re doing. The professional’s training and experience will allow them to assess the situation correctly and take the necessary steps. 

The Drainage System Is Old

Old pipes tend to be fragile from the years of wear and tear they would have experienced. They must be handled with adequate care when trying to clean them. Even the slightest of force can widen cracks or catastrophically damage the pipes, needing you sometimes to replace the entire section or system.

A professional will have the dexterity and intuition to navigate through such antiquated sewer systems and get the job done without causing collateral damage to it in the process. They’ll employ methods and tools that will ensure completion without harming the pipes.

If required, they might recommend replacement of the pipes, and also provide that service.

Tree Root Problem

Roots of trees are very resilient and always move towards a source of water for their survival. And a drain with a fresh supply of it every day, along with other nutrients, is a perfect catch for them.

Roots could enter through the main outlet connecting the drain to the city’s sewerage or through cracks in the pipes anywhere along the line. They will continue to grow in that direction, ultimately reaching the mouth of the kitchen sinks and other drains in the house.

They can have detrimental effects on the whole system, with clogging being the least of them. Their expansion will open already existing cracks, leading ultimately to the complete failure of the line. They may become a breeding ground for all kinds of germs and pests, which will eventually find their way into your house.

This problem is best handled by a professional, as it could involve cutting the tree itself. They might need to use certain chemicals to kill the roots, which, due to their toxicity, would need to be handled by professionals only. 

Clog Removal and Regular Maintenance

Drains can get clogged due to kitchen waste, garbage, hair, objects of a size comparable to the pipe’s diameter, scaling, pests depositing dirt within, etc. These can be lodged deep within and be hard to reach and clear without the right equipment and techniques.

Professionals will use methods like Hydro-Jetting to force it out with high-pressure water, sewer snake, and descaling with chemicals to solve the problem. They will also have services like regular inspection and maintenance to rest assured of not facing drainage issues.

Drain cleaning is a messy and complicated job, which is why it’s best left to the professionals to do it. An early call will help prevent minor issues from becoming major ones.

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