Sleep Number’s x12 bed flaunts anti-snore and voice command features


The CES 2014 cometh, and we are already enticed by smart appliances and Bluetooth toothbrushes. The electronic realm however goes beyond the convenience of cooking and personal hygiene to make its foray into our very state of tranquility. How so? Well, bed maker Sleep Number has introduced their smart x12 dual-bed conception that not only tracks our sleep patterns but also responds to special voice commands.

The very first advantage of Sleep Number’s contrivance is its discreet ability to shield you from your partner’s awkward yet irritating snoring. The bed achieves this by softly adjusting your spouse’s head-rest surface by a nominal five degrees. The almost indiscernible adjustment can effectively stop the snoring delirium that prevents you from sleeping soundly (pun not intended!).

The x12 dual-bed also comes with its host of ‘smart‘ features, including tracking capabilities that cover heart rate, breathing rate and your slight motional attributes during the sleep time.

This monitoring scope is complemented with x12’s recommendation system that communicates to you on how to improve your sleep posture and related mattress settings (based upon the tracked data). All of these is accessed via a dedicated app, with the final result giving you a Sleep IQ score.


However, the best feature of Sleep Number’s advanced bed design would surely be its responsiveness to voice commands. In other words, you can tell your bed to activate the aforementioned anti-snore mode, along with other nifty functions like built-in massage and under-bed lighting.

Finally, coming to the commercial side of affairs, Sleep Number’s dual bed will come with customizable features, like integrated charging docks and power outlets. The basic queen-size x12 bed will retail for $7,999, while additional Sleep IQ aspects will set you back by an extra $1,000.


For more details, refer to Sleep Number’s home site.

Via: USAToday

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  1. Joshua Tim Evans says:

    This adjustable bed is awesome!

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