Smart Lift-bit sofa remotely changes its style and function

Lift Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti_1

Transforming or multipurpose furniture is not new to the world, but Lift-bit is the first-ever digital sofa that can remotely change its form and function, depending on individual needs. Designed by Carlo Ratti for the company Vitra, the furniture unit consists of various app-connected hexagonal stools. Using the companion smartphone app, these hexagonal units can be rearranged into different configurations to suit any home or office interior.

Lift Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti_2

Each hexagonal stool is upholstered with soft cushioning, and motorized to rise or fall a touch on your smartphone’s screen. The mobile app app comes with specific configuration settings that let you experiment with given interior designs. Although the hexagonal modules are flexible enough to move, but form a sturdy structure that can hold weight of any individual with ease.

Lift Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti_3

By simply elevating or lowering down these honeycomb-patterned units, you can create multiple furniture pieces for your dwelling. For instance, the winding sofa can be reconfigured into different arrangements including a comfy couch, a cozy lounge, and a small bed for power nap.

Lift Bit Sofa by Carlo Ratti_4

With endless possibilities of these moving blocks, the digital furniture unit can be converted into various patterns such as straight, curved or diagonal. So, the furniture can easily blend into any contemporary residential or commercial setting.

Find out more about the internet-connected sofa on the official website. For now, watch Lift-bit in action in the video given below.

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