Steaklocker dry-ages meat at home, thus avoiding those costly ‘market cuts’

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The smartphone controlling ambit already covers varied devices including that of cocktail makers and garden sprinklers. And, now the advanced scope is all set to make its foray into the ‘carnivorous’ realm of meat-drying appliances. Brought to us by San Diego-based designer Nadia Bruno, the appliance is named as Steaklocker. And, it is touted to be the first of its ‘domestic’ kind that can dry age meat in an optimized manner inside the comfortable confines of your home.

For those who are uninitiated (or just consider themselves vegetarians), dry ageing meat for weeks brings more flavor and tender texture to the cuts, as compared to freshly sold meat. Of course, the process is both time and space consuming, and has to be controlled under the right conditions of temperature and humidity, while also requiring high-end equipment. So it comes as no surprise that restaurants and markets demand the highest prices for such dry-aged cuts.

The Steacklocker pretty much brings the advantage of dry-aged meat by eschewing all these commercial intrusions. This gives you freedom to purchase your fresh-albeit-lower-quality meat and then nonchalantly store it inside the drying machine. The 30 kg capacity device then takes over the quality, with its built-in digital hygrometer for humidity adjustment and spectrum UVC lamp that keeps out those dastardly bacterial invasions. In other words, the fresh cuts can be transformed into juicy, flavorful dry-aged meat slabs – with the entire evolved process taking place inside your homely kitchen.

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We did start out by mentioning something about smartphone controlling. To that end, the developers behind Steacklocker are looking forth to integrate an app that will allow the user to remotely monitor the state of the drying meat. Furthermore, the specialized app will also provide the usual set of recipes, cooking instructions, info regarding meat suppliers and even steakhouse locations based on your location.

Now for meat aficionados, here is an interesting bit of estimation from the Steaklocker creators –

Steaklocker is combining the best of old world dry aging techniques with sophisticated modern technology allowing the consumer to control the process and save at least 50%-70% on current retail dry age steak prices.

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As for the commercial scheme of things, the home-based meat drying machine is currently going through its Kickstarter campaign (which is already successful), with pre-order pledges ranging from $555 to $675.

Via: Wired

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