Storyteller Cabinet provides ‘peep holes’ for you to peek into your collectibles

Storyteller Cabinet by Studio Baag_1

Harking back to the ‘showcasing’ of a showcase furniture, the Storyteller Cabinet fulfills its purpose with tantalizing aplomb. Touted as the “guardian of collected objects and fragments of life”, the design (by Studio Baag) provides those alluring glimpses into your collected mementos through an arrangement of small circular ‘peep holes’ composed of magnifying glasses.

In terms of structure, the Storyteller Cabinet is made from a sturdy walnut shell that is speckled with this array of glasses with brass finishes. The internal portion of the cabinet can be illuminated with a glorious golden glow that gets diffused with the aid of the light-stained wood facades. In essence, this combination of magnifying glasses and the amber hue results in a fantastical display that just about keeps its mystery for you and your guests.

As the designers themselves have said in a succinct manner –

The magnifying glasses, finished in brass, attract the attention of the observer inviting him to come closer and find the right point of view to see details of the objects stored inside, giving him a glimpse of the essence of the owner.

Storyteller Cabinet by Studio Baag_2 Storyteller Cabinet by Studio Baag_3 Storyteller Cabinet by Studio Baag_4 Storyteller Cabinet by Studio Baag_5

Via: DesignArcHome

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