Taking care of new wooden furniture: Tips

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There is no doubt that wood furniture continues to win the hearts of consumers even with the traction of artificial materials. Cheaper may sound good to others but not all, and that is why authentic wooden pieces still hold the crown in the furniture world. The undeniable beauty of wood, its elegance, and the 180 degrees transformations it  brings to spaces makes it a competent contender with other materials that pop in the industry by the day. 

Choosing wood furniture may be the best decision you can make for your space, but there is a catch. The perks of wood come with some conditions. Wood furniture is high maintenance, and if you have picked it for your home or office, that means you will shy away from the upkeep that comes with it. Taking care of your furniture is crucial if you want the best bang for your buck because, as you well know, wooden pieces are not cheap. To keep up with your authentic wood, here are some tips you should know.

What to do

Dust regularly 

Dust-free furniture is essential if you want to keep your wood pieces shiny. As part of your regular cleaning, ensure you dust your furniture every few days using a soft cloth. When dust accumulates on your furniture, it becomes hard to eliminate, so ensure you keep up with dusting. 

Regulate space temperature

While one can avoid things like liquid spills on furniture, temperatures are a bit tricky. Climate changes result in room temperature fluctuation; an increase in humidity is bad news for your wooden tables and chairs. The good news is you can find the answer to your problem by purchasing a humidity gauge that will help regulate the temperature in the room. Just remember to keep the furniture away from heating and cooling vents. 

Beware of bugs

‘Bugs do not live here’. Homeowners quickly get defensive about infestations in their homes, but you should know that wood is prone to infestation, so why wait to deal with bugs and pests when you can prevent them. When dealing with wood, it is better to take caution before watching your money go down the drain. Ensure you follow EPA guidelines and keep bugs and termites at bay before they destroy your furniture. 

Cover your furniture

Accessorizing your furniture, like adding centerpieces to your Canadian-made dining tables and lamps to your side tables, is not uncommon. When paired with your furniture, some of these decorative accessories tie up a room perfectly; however, we cannot overlook that placing them on the surface can scratch the furniture, especially when moved. To prevent damage, you can set felt pads underneath the accessories to protect your furniture. 

What not to do

Overlooking spills

Nothing damages wood faster than unwiped spills. Wood absorbs the moisture left by the liquids, and with time, it begins rotting the wood from the inside. Try using coasters or table mats to avoid water rings caused when placing utensils on your dining tables. In the case of accidental spills, ensure you wipe as soon as they occur, and you can pass a blow dry on the surface to get rid of any moisture. 

Clean with harsh abrasives

Cleaning is part of wood care; however, it is how you clean that is crucial. Using a harsh abrasive to eliminate fixed dirt and stains on your furniture is a big no. They tend to scratch wood and dull its shine, and rather than getting rid of the dirt, it damages the material, ruining the natural aesthetic of the pieces. When cleaning, stick to mild abrasives that will smooth out the surface instead of scratching it. 

Exposure to direct sunlight

Direct sunlight is not your friend; this is something you need to know. Natural light in your home is a godsend, but the contrary is true in the case of your wooden furniture. Ultraviolet sunlight can be brutal on your table as they cause chemical reactions that change the color of your wood or even affect the sheen of the finish. 

Taking care of your wooden furniture is a small price to pay for the benefits you reap from the beautiful pieces. With good care, your furniture can last even for decades, and hopefully, these tips could ensure proper maintenance for your furniture. Do not let your well-spent money go to waste when you can keep your pieces in good condition with these tips.

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