‘Tampah Tree houses’ utilize special bamboo modules for glorious end designs

Tampah Tree houses_1

Tampah’s are getting extinct by the day and may only be seen in the countryside of rice growing nations. It is a simple agricultural tool that is made by weaving together strips of bamboo. It is primarily used as a sieve to separate the husk from the rice. It can also be also be very useful for drying grains. Bamboo is one of the toughest fibrous plant found in nature and humans have been putting it to good use since centuries.

Who would have thought that in the 21st century, the Budi Pradono team of architects would actually manage to create a tree house out of them. The tree house looks like a fortress with a three-dimensional look of identical looking pieces.

They actually looped in local artist from the town of Simo, who could transform their vision into reality. This triangular looking tampah fortress is built by placing individual pieces either diagonally or parallel to each other, held together by a rope made out of bamboo.

Tampah Tree houses_2

This tree house is located five meters above the ground and creates so much intrigue that the onlookers keep wondering about the secret space that it has to offer. Once inside the fortress the inhabitants get a never before view of the city and also get to see the Vastenburg fortress in a whole new light.

The actual space inside it is a reason for mystery for people on the ground. The designers believe that the space could inspire one to be what they want to be and feel free .If you see closely it is actually a compact square that is later built upon to give the shape of a triangle.

Houses on trees have always caught the imagination of so many designers. This one too, is sure to inspire so many of us to feel free and take a journey in the world of imagination. Time and history has repeatedly proven that we might wander across great seas and high mountains, but at the end of the day we all like to have a corner to call our own , our home.

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 Via : Designboom

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