Magical Butter MB2 – An herb cooking machine for your very home

Magical Butter MB2 Machine

It is not often that we talk about herb cooking machines. But when the delectable essence of butter is brought into the mix, we just couldn’t ignore the fantastic and aptly christened Magical Butter MB2 machine.

Designed to concoct a variety of home-made stuff including herb-derived oils, herbal butter, different soups and salad dressings and even medicinal tinctures – the best part about the contrivance is its ease of usage. You just have to drop the ingredient inside the container, add a blob of butter, close the lid, then push the top button, and voila! Your home brewed concoction is ready to be consumed or dabbled with.

The usability factor is complemented by the sleek finish of the Magical Butter MB2 machine, with its glistening stainless steel body and contrasting black handle and top-outline. And lastly, for the few of us who have thinking on slightly different ‘herbal’ lines – yes, the contraption can also be used to cook those delightful, butter-induced batches of weed (not that we would known anything about it)!

Buy (from product page) – $175

Via: Uncrate

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